Dog training and Behaviour Consultations in North East Lincolnshire. Check out the Contact Page for the area i cover.

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one to One dog behaviour training consultations and ongoing support

My most popular service.

I specialise in working with nervous, anxious and aggressive dogs. These one to one sessions are ideal to get the results you want following training plans that are tailoured to your individual needs. Book these sessions to stop the behaviour you are experiencing from getting worse.

These sessions are suitable for any aged dog that needs some extra training to allow it to become a relaxed dog in today’s society. If you dread having visitors or dread your walks then these are the sessions for you.

The first session will be an initial consultation where i will assess your dog and we will discuss what you would like to achieve from the training sessions.

I will then recommend follow on sessions. These will either be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Before booking you do need to commit to at least three months. This is to ensure you get results and are well on your way to achieving your goals and potentially more!

Prices vary depending on travel costs. The initial consultation starts from £75 and the follow on training sessions start from £42.

Contacts me to book you initial consultation or if you would like more information on whether I can help you.

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Monthly obedience enrichment class

Fun unique obedience class.

These sessions run once a month and focus on building your dogs confidence, establishing your relationship whilst improving their obedience.

Everyone always leaves smiling and proud of what their dog has acheived.

You will have a go at a variety of activities. It is set out like a ciruit training course so no waiting around and getting bored.

Simply one hour of fun!

Suitable for all ages and breeds but must be socialable with other dogs and people.

£10 per dog. Contact us to book your space.

Social Walks

Our monthly group walks were set up to allow people with socially nervous dogs to make friends with dogs and dog owners that understand what they are experiencing. We try walk in a new place every time.

As the dog improves through my one to one behaviour training sessions these walks really come in handy for people to practice and start the transition of being able to walk amongst other people and dogs.

These walks are suitable for sociable dogs as well as dogs that are nervous.

Not suitable for highly reactive or aggressive dogs. For these dogs this would be their aim once they have worked with me on a one to one basis.

£5 per dog. Contact us to book on the next walk.

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training in Real life situations Puppy Classes and Puppy one to one packages

Quality Canines offers a unique puppy class that has achieved amazing results!

Our puppy classes consists of:

2 x private training sessions in your own home

1 x group theory session where we discuss preventing common problems and how to be the most effective in your training

4 x group training sessions in a variety of locations that you will visit in your every day life.

You will also receive information packs and class notes via email so you don’t forget what you need to be working on.

Pups must be under 6 months old to join this class.

All this for £120. Contact us to book on the next available class.

One to One Puppy Packages

For puppies under 6 months.

These sessions are done in your home and on your local walking routes. They can be tailored to suit your needs and will cover the essentials to ensure your pup learns valuable skills to make your life easier when out and about with your pup as well as at home.

4 sessions for £120. Contact us to book your sessions.

Please note your sessions have to be used over no longer than a 3 month period.


Relax; Don’t React Class

New to this area - A class specifically designed for dogs that bark and lunge at other dogs and people.

Limited to 4 dogs but you get 2 trainers!

All dogs must have had an initial consultation before being able to book on to this class.

Another nice stage to aim for when rehabilitating your reactive dog.