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Dog Trainer of the Year 2019

Does your dog cause you stress and EMBARRASSMENT?

Things are about to change!

We understand!

Natalie understands how stressful and embarrassing it can be to own a dog that may lunge and bark every time they see another dog or person. She understands because she has been there.

Quality Canines’ core aim is to help reduce the stress in people’s lives that is created by their dog’s behaviour. The number one reason dogs end up in rescue centres is because of their unwanted behaviour. Natalie is on a mission to change this. After working in rescue centres and speaking to people that felt there was no other way out she made it her mission to show people that their dog’s behaviour can be changed. She offers support to all her clients in between sessions so they never feel alone and can ask for advice whenever they feel they need it.

Don’t dread your walks or worry about visitors coming round to your house. Instead message us and see how Natalie can help you.

Natalie - Trainer and Behaviour Consultant.

Natalie - Trainer and Behaviour Consultant.

Chip - My 3 year old Border Collie. Had anxiety and reactive issues.

Chip - My 3 year old Border Collie. Had anxiety and reactive issues.


Natalie is here to help and support you.

Its not unusual to feel stress and fed up with your dog’s behaviour. Many people seclude themselves with their dogs because they are embarrassed or anxious about what their dog might do. Through quality canines services you will be offered long term support so you never feel alone and always have someone to speak to for advice.

Quality Canines uses up to date, force free dog training methods to get the best results. All these methods are based on scientific research for their effectiveness and to ensure they are the kindest, least intrusive methods for your dog’s welfare.

Quality Canines aims to create a happy partnership between you and your dog to make your life easier. You will change your dog’s behaviour following stress free training programs with a trusted, qualified trainer.